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Does lipo laser work?
Lipo Laser is a non-surgical procedure helping to reduce fat in select locations, including the waist, back, abdomen, arms, chin, and thighs. This liposuction alternative is one of a growing list of laser lipolysis treatments. Also, it’s approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, concluded clinicians “noted an improvement of cellulite after lipolysis procedures.”
What’s Laser Contour?
LASER CONTOUR is a completely painless, non surgical technology LLLT low level laser therapy, a excellent solution to meet the different types of individual inch loss and body contouring treatments. It is a non-invasive approach that particularly designed for the reduction of stubborn fat deposits and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.
Laser Contour Dual wavelength 650nm & 980nm
LASER CONTOUR is the latest innovation in laser lipolysis, the advanced dual wavelength with 980nm and 650nm. It has been experimentally and clinically proven that the combination laser effects of the 980nm and 650nm wavelength can reach deeper into the adipose layer and give faster fat metabolism effects than independent 650nm laser.
980nm laser can help penetrate deep into fat tissue, open the channels of the cell membranes on the deeper fat layer, stimulating blood circulation, accelerate lymphatic circulation, accelerate the metabolism of subcutaneous adipose tissue to enhance on weight loss slimming effects.
650nm emitting low level laser light, which creates a safe and painless bio-stimulation effect in the targeted fat tissue, which triggers a breakdown of the enclosed Triglycerides (type of fat found in blood) into fatty acids and glycerol and then release out of body through metabolism.
Osano Laser Contour Fat Burning Lipo Laser 635nm &650nm Machine
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